22 November 2005


Meanwhile, In International Relations

It looks as if the CIA have been poking their noses where they're not welcome: our country.

At least six airplanes linked to alleged CIA front companies have landed at Canadian airports in the last six months, records show.

Flight data obtained Monday by The Canadian Press indicate the airports, including three in Newfoundland, have been used as stopover points for the aircraft on several occasions.

And who is standing up and crying foul? Why, it's none other than the eternal defenders of Canada, the... Bloc?!

The latest information surfaced as the Bloc Quebecois called on the government to press the United States for answers about the possible presence of foreign intelligence agents.

Bloc MP Francine Lalonde wants Ottawa to question the United States about evidence the plane was in Newfoundland last week.

Well, it seems that when they're not too busy trying to tear our country apart, some Bloquistes make decent MPs.

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